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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Glass Airplanes

i'm bad and haven't been posting... I'm now back in Mpls and I'm sick after returning from Md for the holidays. I'm sick enough to be annoyingly sick, but not sick enough to not go to work... foiled again! The holidays were good and restful. It was fun being back home, especially since many of my friends from High School have moved back to the area. It was a good balance between family and friends. I am wondering at present if I should return to dc, stay in mpls, or move somewhere else -- sf maybe?

I feel restless and almost wish someone would just tell me what to do and what path i should take rather than having to figure out my own. What if I decide wrong? What if I should be doing something and be somewhere, but I'm not? Bah... angsty, i am.

As a general appearance update I now have caramel highlights in my hair. A bit like Lisa's but darker in coloring and less thick. I have been meaning to take a photo and post it. I will... soon.

I am also determined to join a gym because I'm feeling lethargic and want to be healthy. I have no excuses for not being in shape and looking the way I want to. Perhaps I should make a list of New Years resolutions even though that's always so trite. Maybe if I post them and make them public I'll be more likely to stick with them? I will compile a list by the end of this week/year.

In other notes, I keep having strange dreams... Usually, I am traveling. Sometimes I'm in glass airplanes that are falling into the ocean. My dreams are never mundane... I wish I had the money to just up and travel somewhere. *sigh* I just have to find something that will pay me to travel... Maybe then my dreams will calm down? Hmm...

Ok, I should take some medicine and go to bed. I'm reading "The Zahir" right now by Paulo Coelho that Meg and Seth gave me. So far i like it a lot... but then again, I really like all of his books. :o) Oyasuminasai!

p.s. Happy belated birthday Lisa! Your gift is late from me, as usual!


At 12:24 PM, Blogger misa said...

move to sf! :) hehe. seriously though, there's not really a wrong choice 'cos it's not terribly hard to move. so if you go some place and want to try another place you can just do that. revel in the freedom!

i always have dreams of planes crashing whenever i fall asleep on the plane. but the dreams are really unrealistic and usually involve a lot of vertigo which is kinda random and weird.

At 5:42 PM, Anonymous neb said...

hells yeah. move to SF. we had a short talk about this in the car back from Tahoe and held a vote and everyone agreed that you should.

You have some crazy dreams.


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