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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

dooby dooby doo

I haven't posted in a while. Sorry! 2006 has been crazy and feels like it's flying by. I've been ridiculous amounts of overtime at work (one week I worked Sunday - Saturday and had 24 hours of overtime!). So yeah, this past weekend was the first weekend I actually had both days off. Amazing!

I've also been on this workout/diet plan so that I can get into shape and hopefully be able to wear a bathingsuit this summer and maybe have more confidence in myself rather than trying to blend in with the wall or just not go out at all b/c I feel like all of my friends are much prettier/skinnier than me... bleh! Stupid weight issues! I'm also working on reformatting my brain so I'm less crazy but that's a bit harder than just working out.

I've joined the Uptown YWCA and have been working out almost every day... 6-7 days per week. I try to get to the gym before work in the mornings at about 6:30am but when I sleep through I go at night. Saturday I had a leisurely run and did 8 miles. Yesterday and today I only did 6. Don't worry... they're all on the elliptical machines so they're a lot easier to do and I don't kill my already ridiculously bad knees.

Eating well is proving to be extremely difficult. I haven't made it the full 2 weeks without cheating :(. I'm still looking better but I feel so guilty about the cheating. I'm not supposed to have alcohol or lots of carbs or sugar... EH! Who knew that most of my social life rests upon going out and eating at restaurants or happy hour with friends? As a result, I've turned into somewhat of a recluse. Sometimes I do go out, but it's such a pain to have such a restricted diet so that's usually how I end up cheating. :( Also, I don't like being sober when everyone is drunk around me. I feel even more awkward than I usually do and end up standing around like a buffoon. Good ol' social anxiety...

Tomorrow is Root City Band at Gluek's -- this bar in downtown Minneapolis where this awesome band plays every Wednesday night. They're a lot of fun to go see and all the guys in the band seem like very cool guys. My friend and coworker Abby introduced to me to them and she's a big fan. She sort of knows them and sells shirts for them which is very cool. She's an amazingly friendly person... and really genuine too. One of those people who you just instantly like :). Anywho, I'm very glad she works with me now. It makes work so much better and she's really inspired me to become a healthier, happier person :o) Yay!

That's all for tonight... I should get to bed so that I can make it to the gym in the morning. Tomorrow evening I start doing weight training... wooh! exciting! It's supposed to burn fat very quickly. This past month I've already lost betw/5-10 lbs and am one pants size smaller :). Wohoo! I'm still a big girl of course... I just spill out of things less now. Heh. :o)



At 8:48 AM, Blogger A monkey on typewriter said...

Kat you are great the way you are, but I would not mind seeing how you look in a new swimsuit. ;) Happy that you are keeping up with you goal. If I can only find time for my own personal goals.

At 2:09 PM, Blogger misa said...

i'm trying to eat better too but yea i totally have a glass or two of wine 'cos i'll save up some spare calories for that. (=

impressive, sister. (=

At 9:11 PM, Anonymous neb said...

Dude, thanks for the birthday book. I really appreciate it. Good luck with your goals. It's really hard but worth it in the end. The only time I was ever able to go on a real diet and make something of it was before I got married. You know, because people always mention how great they looked when they got married... rambling...

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