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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fried Chicken

I'm back in Minneapolis right now and this past month has been quite eventful. I went back to DC Nov. 8 and found out that I had to have knee surgery (arthroscopic) for a torn lateral meniscus. Surprise surprise, I've already torn my other meniscus on my left knee and had the same surgery done 4 years ago. This time however, I am older and heavier and am not healing quite as quickly as I did before. I feel like a grandma! And I must say, it was strange being wheel chaired through an airport...

Knee surgery took place on my 22nd birthday and it was heaps of fun. The first nurse couldn't find my veins and kept poking me. The room that they eventually led me to was sort of scary. It was all white and sterile and in the middle of the room was the operating table and I remember getting up on the table and having my legs spread out like I was on a cross or something. Then the anesthesiologist gave me the anesthesia and asked me a few questions about Minnesota and I replied although I don't remember exactly what I said... Nonetheless, I woke up in a completely different room and I was sort of hazy and had a bad case of the hiccups! It was like I was drunk! Finally one of the nurses had to come and give me a can a juice and a straw.

Anyway, I just got back last night/this morning from my Thanksgiving trip home which was a lot of fun :) This time I got to spend time with my family and it was surprisingly not that stressful. The food was delicious too. Last night when I was flying home I took a really messed up way to get here which involved me flying from DC to Texas to Minneapolis and there was a lot of wind on the way to Dallas and it was the first time I've ever felt really nauseated on a plane. It didn't much help that the guy next to me asked me "are we going to die?" when we were trying to land. For some reason we were at the way back of the plane and our row didn't have a window so it was a bit unnerving.

Oh yes! The highlight of my day yesterday was before we left for the airport when mummy dearest was trying to determine whether my flight status. So as Megu and I are talking in the dining room and lisa's peeling shrimp in the kitchen I hear my mom call out "fried chicken! fried chicken" and ignore this nonsense. Finally, after she's repeated it a few times and I say "what is wrong with you?! why do you keep saying 'fried chicken"?!" It turns out she was trying to say "flight check-in". d'oh!