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Monday, August 29, 2005

anything you want on a stick

So I'm in the process of moving and the next place I move to won't have internet so I may disappear for a while once September begins. This weekend I went to the MN State Fair (which is a HUGE deal here) I think it's supposed to be the largest state fair in the country. Indeed it was huge and I got to try many strange new things.

Some of the highlights include seeing a 1,040 pound piggy. (He was only 2 years old!) I also got to pet a baby piglet and there were so many pigs, sheep, cows, bunnies... it was great! I liked looking at the pigs while they were sleeping because the corners of their mouths were turned up and they all looked like they were smiling :) I realized that cows have strange shapes -- they're almost trapezoidal in the rear... I don't know how to explain that one better... guess you gotta check out the profile of a cow sometime. There was a giant warehouse room full of award-winning bunny rabbits (Lisa 'n Bed would've loved it) I saw the award-winning Netherland Dwarf but I think Fury and Frosty are much cuter. The really giant long haired rabbits were funny... They were all so soft...

There were also really strange midwestern foods to eat like cheese curds, scottis meatballs which is a hard-boiled egg surrounded in sausage so it's about the size of a softball and then you dip it in syrup... Oh yeah, and it's on a stick. You can pretty much get anything you want on a stick. Spaghetti on a stick even! It was madness!

There was also a haunted house that had live actors in it instead of dummies and instead of being on a ride like I'm used to, you walk through it in pitch darkness. Anywho, I don't like not being able to see and i kept grabbing ben in front of me b/c I was scared. Anywho, one ghoulish thing came out and frightened me and out of reflex/panic I accidently slapped him... It wasn't that hard really... but I shrieked and smacked him and then apologized profusely while Ben's sister Bethany and this Peruvian guy who goes to school w/Mary at the U laughed at me. Good times. There was also a very cool ride that spins you and flips you and I'll try to post the pictures. You can also check out my new photo page at

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Which is better, one... or two...?

oof! i'm sick right now so I haven't updated my bloggy in a while. sorry! I was also back home in dc for the weekend (sat-tuesday) and it was a lot of fun. Could be why i'm sick though... going to bed every night at 4am and having all of those doctors appointments! I know that sounds strange but my dad scheduled my opthamologist appt at 8:30am after I had gone to bed at 4am and i completely failed my eye exam... WITH my contacts... well, my left eye was fine but my right eye... terrible. When the doctor asked "which is better, one... or two..." i got them all wrong. I had absolutely no idea! They all looked the same to me. She then concluded that my vision has gotten worse in my right eye and that i would need to get a new contact... On another weird note, i have an eye allergy and now have to take this little bottle full of eyedrops that was $35 dollars. (it's 3 times more expensive without insurance!) So yeah... of course I'm terrible with eye drops and am terrified of missing my eyes with these because each drop is worth about $5 dollars!

When I was flying back I was worried about all the foliage I was carrying. Megu gave me some of her umbrella plant and Yosh gave me a clipping of an african violet and I also took some shiso (no roots though). Megu found an ingenious way to package these and amazingly they all survived... even the umbrella plant which is like a foot and a half long and stuffed into my check bag! Most impressive.

I miss my bassy and family... other than that, things are going pretty well here. Oh, except for the whole fever thing. I've been like a leaky faucet recently and tonight i watched "Snow Falling on Cedars" with Jitla and I kept leaking. Nose and eyes this time. I don't think it was obnoxious though. Silent tears. I had a roll of toilet paper and a trash can in front of me too. Hot. Now my face is all puffy and it's strange because when my face is puffy I look more asian. Anywho, it's time to drink a few more gallons of tea!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

mangoes or mangos?

people read my blog religiously? ooh! i feel so big and important! hehe. too bad my life isn't very interesting! But that's ok, since I'll tell you about it anyway. Today I went to the Highland Park Festival or something and had me some cheese curds (artery clogging goodness) and a yummy mango smoothie that was very mangoey. I then decided that if I ever wanted to really splurge then the first thing that I'd splurge on would be a juicer machine thingy. Something that I could make fresh orange juice out of. I used to work at this pastry shop where i could stuff in whole oranges and carrots and it would make delicious juice. I guess the whole mechanism that removes the orange peel isn't so necessary... but I do love fresh squeezed juice. and smoothies. and mangoes... mangos?

I went to Target today to get some links removed from my snazzy new watch (thank you lisa 'n ben!) but apparently Target jewelers don't work on Seiko because they don't have the tools to fix it if they screw up. Very sad, I'll have to take it to a fancier place... anywho, I ended up getting a lot of nifty things at Target... well, that includes hangars and very mundane things but I got a new little carpet thing for $15! It's brown with blue, white, and green circles and reminds me a bit of Twister. I have also decided that I will paint my new room green apple green... about the color of this blog background. I think that would look cool and fresh. I also sort of want one of those netting things that goes around your bed... hmm... So many things to think about. Ok, well harry potter is calling to me once again... bye!

Friday, August 12, 2005


Wohoo! Thank you Seth for commenting! I have neglected my blog for a bit partly because I have been busy but also because i felt like no one was reading it either... so why bother? But none of that... I'm back. The past few weeks have been pretty eventful. I just found an apartment in Uptown (32nd and Hennepin) for $800/month + utilities and we get to keep our neko-chan! (for those of you who are not familiar with me/japanese -- neko = kitty :o) i'm very excited about that... still have to get her spayed though... eeks... we're bad. Jitla and I also have to figure out how we're going to paint the place and move in since I can't take off any work and there's no elevator... I was thinking of maybe bribing some of my friends to help me move in exchange for alcohol/cooking/whatever their hearts desire that i can give... well, within reason of course...

Mary got back from Peru on Sunday and last night Kyra, Mary, Ben, and Ann and I all went to the Green Mill and got some yummy drinks and half-priced appetizers. It's fun seeing the gang all back together. Damnit natalia, get back here!!! Funny how things turn out... the circle completes itself and then does another revolution... no, no circles... spirals. I like spirals better because it's a little different every time but is essentially (in essence?) the same. (Did I mention I'm a bit sleep deprived?)

Let's see... what else? Oh! I'm going back to DC for a brief trip -- Aug. 20-23 and I'm very excited to see family/friends/ and my fuzzy sweet cuddly wonderful basset hound!!! I hope this trip to the beach with my girls works out... stupid needing cars for everything... Ok, well I'm gonna go read some harry potter now... (I finally caved in and just went ahead and bought the book insteading of waiting forever to borrow it) So far, so good though!