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Sunday, July 31, 2005


I feel a bit like a train wreck at the moment. Friday night we had a party for ruth's birthday. It was a lot of fun -- lots of people were here and the police never came :o) Always a plus. My favorite part of the night is when Spencer, Tall Dan, and I were talking on the porch and Dan was getting tipsy so he decided to lean against the unlocked front door and then crash through it scaring the shit out of everyone in the living room. Hehe. This dude is like 6'5 or more too if you don't know him. heheh. OVerall a good night. Some guy offered to buy the red and white Prague jacket off of me. I didn't sell it though. I like it too much. Strange though, he seemed to really want it. Then BKAN said some snide comment so the dude backed off.

Last night we went dancing at the Annex (my house + Tall Dan). It was surprisingly fun too. Although during the last dance Jitla and I managed to spill our g&t's all over ourselves. I was very proud of myself for not getting sick. Taking taxi's rather than having someone drive is better too. it's not so bad when you split it. I danced with this one dude who was like "wow, what's that guy doing here?" [pointing to tall dan] and told him that Dan was my bodyguard. He seemed to think I was a bit nuts after that. hehe. I don't think I'm very good at meeting guys. But he seemed like an ass anyway so I had no desire to get to know him any better. Maybe I'm too judgmental? No... I told him Dan was my friend and he said "weird... you're friends with him?" I hate people like that.

Mmm. Alexa made waffles and we have fresh strawberries and whipped cream to go on top. Oishii. Breakfast time.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Only 4 hours of sleep this morning after I went to bed at 8am. Mom and dad called this morning after they got back from Alaska so I had to pretend to already be awake. Hehe. Last night was a lot of fun... busy night. Alexa and I went to the old stoner house on Lincoln and chilled there for a bit. They have a hammock in their backyard. I love hammocks so much. I wish our backyard had trees so we could put up a hammock... Who knows, maybe our new place will. Ruth met us there and then we went to the Hague house right before it got busted. Three cop cars! Such overkill and totally unnecessary. Aren't there more important things going on in St. Paul rather than silly college kids having a party? Oh well... it was probably the fireworks that brought them over. Then we we went to the river to set off the rest of the fireworks but there were already people we didn't know there doing the exact same thing. So yeah, then back to Hague and then to Jerry's until 6am. Hard core. Ruth and I got back to our house around 6:30ish and then decided to go on a bike ride through St. Paul. It was quite lovely. So unnatural for us to be up at that moment, but the morning air felt good and refreshing. It's ridiculously muggy right now so that's pretty painful. Luckily, right when we got back from our bikeride it started raining and so we lay out on the sidewalk and got rained on. It felt so good. Big fat droplets. I started singing "raindrops keep fallin' on my head" but I couldn't quite remember the words. We looked hilarious. Both of us with long, wild wet hair and our make-up a bit smudged and streaming down our faces making us look a bit like crack whores. I had the sudden urge to go to Church at that moment. Not a regular protestant Church where they'd be like "oh dontcha know, you girls are a bit wet" but a real hardcore Catholic Church with giant ornate ceilings. I think it would have suited my mood at that point better. Hehe. But we couldn't think of a good one to go to. Next time maybe. Bust on in all wet and cracked out from not having slept all night. Yeah, you need a big, scary catholic church for that. Anywho. Alexa and I are about to bike to the river and have a picnic and then go to Solera where they show movies on the rooftops on Sunday and Monday nights. It's really quite lovely. Tonight they're showing Amelie and the drink special is Sangria. Yum.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

chopped liver

oh man. sad night. I've been up since 6:30am and it's now 2am. I decided to go out with my roommates Ruth and Jitla tonight. Bad idea. We got to this first party and the keg was tapped and it was mostly Mac kids and younger people who I didn't really know or want to know. I felt a bit out of place... but ehhh. So we go outside and Ruth is talking to a bunch of guys out on the lawn and Jitla and I are sitting on the porch. We weren't really feeling the party so much and Jitla went up to Ruth to see if she wanted to go to a different one. Then she saw Kira and ran inside to give her a big hug. I thought we were leaving so I made my way up to Ruth and then this guy next to her says, "hey, who's your friend?"

Ruth then turns to me and says "Oh, this is Kat" and the guy says, "No no, not her... her" and points to jitla. (if I could italicize that, I would) I then was like fuckthisshit and walked home alone. Sucky night. Why do I even bother going out to parties still? Sev's party was the only one where I actually enjoyed myself. But that's because a lot of the people there I genuinely like and don't have to be drunk to want to see them. Most parties are about getting stupid drunk, making an ass of yourself, and finding someone to hook up with. Why do I bother? It's all just a big meat market... and i am chopped liver.

Still, even though my pride is bruised, I'm glad I'm myself and not one of skinny little clone girls.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thank God for Bassets!

oof. no more metrobuses for me man. I keep running into some strange people. Today was probably the worst though. Normally, when I get to the bus stop after work there is this chubby guy from North Dakota who is there and we sorta talk sometimes. He's from small town in ND and he seems nice enough. A little awkward like he doesn't get out much, but pretty nice and mostly harmless. At the end of the conversation he asked if I had a boyfriend and I said yes. I didn't feel like saying no and having to deal with anything he might potentially ask. I wanted to be nice and spare his feelings.

So today after a long day of work (I had to stay longer to finish up some reports) I get to the bus stop and say "hi" and the first thing he says to me is "are you pregnant?"

AAAGGGHHHHH!!! I didn't even know how to react... i was _pissed_ so I replied cooly "no... I'm not... and it's really insulting to ask someone that..."
ND bus guy: "I didn't mean to be insulting"
me: "It implies that I'm overweight... that's pretty harsh"
ND bus guy: "well, that's not a bad thing... I think that people who are overweight look good.
me: grrrr...
ND bus guy: "I just meant that you seem like a girl who doesn't care about how she looks."
me: ?!
ND bus guy: "I mean... you seem to care more about personality rather than appearance."

luckily his bus came right about then. I think I was too taken aback to say anything. That's a backhanded fucked up compliment if there ever was one. I think I am mostly insulted. Pregnant?! Sweet jesus!!! Who the hell asks that? I feel like you should NEVER ask a woman that unless it is absolutely clear that she is pregnant and looks like she just swallowed a beach ball. This is the only acceptable time to ask someone that. It also sucks b/c I wasn't even wearing something that made me look pregnant (some shirts can) So yeah... I don't really know how to take the whole "you don't care about the way you look" thing... maybe in his small ND town girls care a lot... I mean... I don't want to be a stupid make up girl... but I don't think that I go around looking shitty and frumpy either. Hmm... I think I will try to avoid that bus stop if I can...

I think the best part of the day for me was on the 2nd bus ride home today when I saw a woman walking her basset down Ford Parkway. He was so cute! He was slowlymaking his way down the street, dragging his feet all droopy -- just like clarence... I love basset's giant and vaguely ridiculous paws and long long ears. So sweet and pure and good! Exactly what I needed. Bassets can always make me smile -- They are so wonderfully happifying :o) even after a day like today.

Monday, July 18, 2005

somewhere over the rainbow, way up high...

back again! sunday nights are always terrible b/c i know i have to wake up early but my sleep schedule is wrecked from the weekend. Friday night i didn't go to bed until 8:30am and saturday 3:30am... that's an improvement methinks. Sev's going away party was great. She's friends with lots of different groups of people which i think is more fun because seeing all of the same people party after party gets stale. I ended up staying after my roommates and the police left (people were setting off fireworks outside). Finally at like 8am or so after taking a million pictures and sending alison off to work at SA I left Sev's party with Kevin and Jeremy who were nice enough to walk me home. It was a bit unnerving seeing all the early birds and dog walkers out and about early in the morning all chipper when we were stumbling down Grand Ave like zombies. On the way back to St. Clair we took a shortcut through campus and ran through these sprinklers on Shaw field. Then we tried the swings but we quickly realized that swinging is not a good idea at 8:30am after a long night of drinking. The back and forth motion was way too much for me to handle. It's the slow stuff that kills me. Rollercoasters I love. Those teacups? --dangerous.

Anywho, yesterday I went to hidden beach with my roommates. No beach commander this time. I was almost sad. Almost. Then back to home where I had a pretty mellow night and watched Y Tu Mamå Tåmbien with Alexa. Today was 95 degrees. Ish. (i learned that from alison, apparently they don't say "ick" here -- they say "ish"). Strange, no? I''m glad it rained today. better than rain -- thunderstorms. Summer thunderstorms are my favorite. Random sudden downpours and then half an hour later it's sunny. I didn't get my rainbow this time... oh well, maybe next time.

Friday, July 15, 2005

NOTE: "cat", not "kat"

ok, so i switched my settings so that non-blogspot users can write comments. now you have no excuses! none! one more day of work and it's the freakin weekend baby! :o) tomorrow night is sev's going away party before she moves to london. crazy! I think i might try and visit her over fall break with ruth maybe. sleepy, i am. at work i went to this seminar conducted by a bunch of bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyers and to make the powerpoint more interesting, they gave the presentation a star wars theme. except it was all cracked out b/c they had this image of a court and the judge was Darth Vader, Yoda was the attorney on the side of the creditors, and this sleazeball alien dude was the lawyer for the debtor. wtf?! how dare they bastardize my star wars heroes like that! madness. so during this seminar i realized that my handstamp from the bar last night hadn't come off at all hardly. d'oh. hopefully no one noticed... it's better than those bright orange "drink responsibly" wristbands at least! Billy's was fun though. Really crowded for a Wednesday night. It was funny, we met up with will, dan, and sam who were playing pool with these guys wearing matching bright yellow shirts that said "professional" somethingrather. It reminded me a bit of elementary school field trips. I also wonder what they were professionals at...

I must confess that I appreciate air-conditioning like never before. this is my first summer without it and it's been in the 90s outside for the past week and throughout this weekend too supposedly. funny... at work i'm a katsickle in my little cubicle (I'm thinking of bringing socks to work, it's so cold!) Inside our house at st. clair clothing has become optional b/c it's just too damn hot. showering is not even that great because as soon as you're done, you're dripping. and not in a good way. meow. 4 way too hot girls and one cat going crazy in heat.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

you're beautiful in an unglamorous way

i should really be in bed... but of course, i can't sleep. stupid insomnia. i had this terrifying nightmare a few nights ago that has me all creeped out even when i'm awake. It has made me a little scared to go to sleep even. It was just so vivid. In my dream this guy came in my house and assaulted me and my wrists were bound together. I somehow managed to escape through my window and i remember looking down at my wrists and they were all bloody and i was running through the streets of st. paul with my wrists tied together and bleeding. i didn't tell anybody about it though and went back home later. A few nights later (dream time) he came back and this time with his friends. My roommates had let him and his friends in our house because they looked like regular college guys but i recognized him and he smiled at me menacingly and so i got the hell out of there... then i ran through the streets again and the last thing i remember looking at was my wrists all tied together and bleeding again.

on a lighter note i went to apple river this saturday. jitla said it would be "rube and some of his friends" which translates to rube and the entire baseball team (about 18 people!) I had no idea though... and she told me 5 minutes before we were leaving. it turned out to be a lot of fun though. you basically go tubing down the river for three hours and have coolers w/lotsa beer in 'em. it was a great day to be out on the river. it was actually really funny because there would be parts where the river became really shallow and then randomly there would be hundreds of people about having a river party b/c you could stand in it. the river parties were hilarious though. i have never experienced anything like it. the guys saying "show your tits" were stupid but luckily i was wearing a one piece and don't have a big chest so I don't harrassed. this one older dude told me i was beautiful in an unglamorous sort of way however. i thought that was interesting. when i asked what that meant he said "you just seem like you would be beautiful even when you wake up in the morning, without any make-up or anything." I think that's really one of the best compliments i've gotten. he wasn't even trying to hit on me or anything. or at least i think he wasn't. that's a weird thing to say to someone if you're just trying to get in their pants.. or maybe i'm extremely gullible and was just relieved that he didn't ask me to flash him that i believed him. hmm. anywho. drinking in the sun all day long is exhausting. by 8pm i was beat. now i'm crazy tan. luckily i didn't burn. i just look even more latina.

Friday, July 08, 2005

what do a racehorse and an exotic dancer have in common?

it's late so i'll try to make this quick.

today at work my boss and i were talking about the london attack.

coworker: "they should just get a nukyuler bomb dropped on them."
boss + me: ?!
me: "they?"
coworker: "yeah, you know... all the terrorists."
coworker: "like in hiroshima,... you know, china. like how they got the nukyuler bomb dropped on them."
boss + me: wtf?!!!
me: "umm... hiroshima is in japan..."
coworker [exasperatedly] : "yeah, yeah, china, japan... same thing."
boss + me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so many things wrong in that one, i don't even know where to begin.

today was a better day at work. i'm starting to like it. even (especially?) with ridiculous events such as these. after work i went with jitla and ruth to a racetrack in Shokapee called Canterbury. It was unsettling that the racehorses shared the same names as exotic dancers and strippers. Jitla's first winning one was "Slamdancer." Other notable names include "Shake it High", "Lucky Charleen", ", and "Dancer's Prospect", I picked the bizarro losing ones with crazy cat names like "Starlet Cat" and "Catzzene" (all total losers)... but, that's to be expected with names like those... Others had the names straight off the covers of trashy novels like ""Eternal Dawn" or "U Be My Palomino."

Overall, a very disturbing day.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

sushi sushi

today was my first day of worky! i didn't fall asleep until roughly 2:30am when the girls got back from the aq. I might as well have gone given all of my tossing and turning, but oh well. I think i should write in my journal more during my sleepless nights. Most of my dreams are disturbing and very weird. I had this dream that nick got married to this blonde indiana girl. I think they got married b/c she got knocked up. She seemed very midwestern and non-descript in my dream. The wedding reception was in st. paul and i was invited. why would i be invited? it felt like a smack in the face really. It was all very upsetting and I remember not going but seeing their whole procession go by as I was sitting in front of coffeenews -- so, like the demure young lady that i am, I hid in the alleyway until they passed. very peculiar.

ok, so work... so first day i get off at the wrong stop too far away from the office building and have to retrace the bus route to get back to the office and this involves walking along a very busy highway. so yeah -- there were many cars zooming by me at 65mph and I'm walking along the grass/shoulder of the street. no sidewalks anywhere! i get to work and it's basically exactly like office space. my boss is pretty much the best part of the job because at least he's funny and personable. my co-worker is nice too... a little bland, but nice nonetheless. the little mcdonalds disney figurines in her cubicle are a little disturbing. she's exactly my age but it sorta seems like she could be 12 years old. she''s marrying a trucker though, i think that's cool. she gets to ride along with him sometimes and see the country. isn't that romantic? :o)

i hate waking up early. but after my first day jitla picked me up and we went to Midori's floating sushi world cafe (or something like that). It was tasty good. oishii. I splurged and got lots and lots of sushi... unagi, maguro, sashimi, caterpillar rolls, plum wine and mochi green tea ice cream. mmm... *drools* it really was amazing. and it was a cute place too. it wasn't overly hip/trendy like fuji-ya. it seemed more mom and pop and we sat at the bar so i could listen in. i love watching them make the rolls. such an art. the little daughter of one of the owners was there running around and she's a happa like me. she even had hair like me! heh. rare for happas to have brown hair like mine. i had my green contacts in so i was incognito though. hehe. not that they could tell anyway. i was very polite and said gochisosama deshita as i left though. mmm... sushi... i'm glad i have a job now so i can pay for my expensive sushi habits. :o)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

dancing barefoot

fourth of july was alright -- not too much excitement. I had a bit of a brownie and smoked with ben and dave... then went to a bbq where i felt pretty out of place (lots of theater people) they were all nice... just lots of singing cabaret and show tunes and stuff... not really my style. we saw fireworks through the windows of the car as we drove around the cathedral hill area looking for parking. awkward silence. it was terrible. i think the best way to do fireworks is somewhere more secluded or something. maybe just stay in the car and open up the moon roof and lie down. that'd be nice. otherwise there's always just lots and lots of people carrying around their lawn chairs, american flags, and screaming children. ick. can't get more american than that i suppose.

so yeah, then back to kenyon's house where alexa, jack, kenyon, ruth and I watched some vh1 program that was all about canada. it was really the highlight of the evening if you ask me. all about hockey and curling and weird very uniquely canadian things like the town of dildo and why moose's (is there a plural of that?) and caribou are so cool. makes me want to go to canada. jack loved it. totally his sort of thing. lockport is practically canada anyway.

right now i should get some breakfast and do dishes. should i go to the aq tonight? first day of work tomorrow. first time since billy is gone. last week was amazing though. but still, gotta wake up and be fresh by 6am. oof.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

watch out for the beach commander!

yesterday twas fun -- bbq at our house on the tiny propane grille that we got from nick + tommy b/c they couldn't figure out how to put it together. hehe. then we drank at cedar lake at duskish. big mac crew there - hague house, saad, hassan, omar. menka, and other folks. the beach commander was pretty ridiculous though. and by beach commander i mean a drunken old guy who claimed that we could drink openly because of his "protection." every now and then he'd come over and harrass all of us and slur his words and ask for drinks even though he could barely stand up straight. overall it was a good experience. the lake was cool and hidden - mostly a bunch of youngish people playing drums and drinking and smoking.

today we went to the walker which was cool -- sucks that i don't have my old mac id anymore! heh... mac id... sorry. luckily they let me in at a student rate out of pity, which was nice. i feel like the art was sort of dark... i don't know how to phrase that better so i'll leave it at that... but there was one room that felt like it could have come straight out of one of my nightmares.... hmm... then we went to uncommon grounds... i think it'd be fun to live in uptown. it's a little too swanky/hip for my tastes, but it's a new spot and i feel like that's what i need right now. ok, well gotta go, jack is here for dinner... where should we eat? mickey's? perkins?

Friday, July 01, 2005


big day. i got a job! I'm starting on wednesday and will be working full time. yeehaw... there go all of my weekdays and late nights. but hey, beats being unemployed for over a month. plus, i have money and can hopefully get a nice spot in mpls once this lease is up. i think i want something cool and old. and maybe a coche too? hmm... i wonder if you can lease hybrids... they are lovely.

biggest problem with work is my lack of car. the bus that goes out there comes once every hour so i might try and see if i can bike... hrmmm. this map is pretty nifty though.

the pure cascading anger thing is random but every other possible string of words or names that i like were taken. lisa says i should make my picture an angry bunny -- not sure if that has anything to do with watership down or if it's because she's crazy 'n bunny obsessed. general woundwort was angry maybe. if you understand the pure cascading anger that's 10 pts for you!